Charlotte Leanne Jones is a contemporary artist based in Stoke On Trent in the United Kingdom. Charlotte works with a range of different mediums such as drawing and sculpture, but predominantly works with glass in order to portray the idea of a specimen combined with a work of art.


As a response to Charlotte’s Granddad suffering with Vascular Dementia for a large part of her adult life, Charlotte leant towards research. This research then became the backbone of her Artist practice, using the imagery of the human brain to reflect her emotion response to her experience with Vascular Dementia.


From this charlotte has continued to study the ideas of biological science within her work and expanded. Preserving life and its beauty is by far one of Charlotte’s main inspirations. Charlotte creates artwork that will be a permanent embodiment of something, whether it is a memory or even something physical. Therefore she creates what could be classed as pure studies of life, taking inspiration from scientific and taxidermy and shaping into mediums such as glass, which are permanent.


Her goals are to further refine her artwork in both the way the she looks at scientific element and with the style in which she creates. She also aims to preserve the beautiful yet curious world around her. 

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 Artist Statement